Message Yoshi Kato

Greeting from the President

Dear Sir/Madam and Friends,

I am deeply honored to assume the role of President of the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ). Taking on this significant responsibility fills me with humility. First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who steadfastly support our association’s endeavors.

In recent times, our industry has been navigating through substantial changes. The ongoing depreciation of the yen and the persistent increase in coffee ingredient costs pose formidable challenges to our specialty coffee sector. The yen’s depreciation escalates import expenditures, while the global surge in coffee prices complicates our operational strategies. Amid these circumstances, sustaining a viable business model and consistently delivering exceptional coffee experiences of uncompromising quality become increasingly demanding tasks.

Nevertheless, amidst these challenges, we discern numerous opportunities. Foremost among them is the gratifying increase in high-quality coffee production by dedicated growers worldwide. Enhanced global supply chains and expanded direct trade channels with producers now ensure a steady provision of superior coffee beans. This promises to further elevate the standards of our offerings. By fostering close partnerships with producers and advancing together, we aspire to forge a sustainable future.

Additionally, my involvement as a judge at the World Barista Championship has continually impressed upon me the remarkable skills and fervor exhibited by many baristas globally. Year after year, their expertise flourishes, showcased by an array of innovative coffee creations. Japanese baristas, too, have earned international acclaim for their exceptional abilities. I am committed to fully supporting their growth and aspirations.

Our mission remains steadfast in promoting the excellence of specialty coffee and effectively communicating its inherent value. It is imperative that consumers perceive coffee not merely as a beverage, but also appreciate its rich narratives and origins, savoring its distinct flavors on a profound level. To this end, we will enhance our efforts in fostering coffee culture through educational initiatives and engaging events.

Looking ahead, our vision underscores the imperative of harmonizing innovation with tradition to propel the specialty coffee industry forward. We are dedicated to pioneering the future of coffee by embracing progressive technologies and methodologies, while upholding timeless traditions and principles. Furthermore, we will intensify our commitment to sustainable practices, mindful of our environmental impact and societal obligations.

Lastly, we earnestly seek your continued support and collaboration. With collective diligence and dedication, we are confident in steering the specialty coffee industry toward a brighter future. Let us embrace new challenges together and cultivate an exceptional coffee culture.

We eagerly anticipate your ongoing support.

Yoshihito Kato
Specialty Coffee Association of Japan