Privacy Policy

The Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ) complies with Personal Information Protection Law and protects personal information you provide.

When We Collect Personal Information

In order to provide better service, SCAJ collects personal information about you for SCAJ membership directory, seminar registration, and email newsletter. For better communication among SCAJ members, your personal information such as company, shop, your name, address, telephone number, facsimile number and email address will be posted on the membership directory.

Maintain and Protect Personal Information

SCAJ will carefully maintain and protect your personal information. We might share it with our business partners only when we outsource work to them. In this case, we request them to maintain the personal information, protect confidential information and prevent security leaks in an appropriate way and prohibit them from passing the information to outside parties.

Use of Personal Information

When you provide us with your personal information, SCAJ or our business partners might send you information about SCAJ activities and seminars by mail or email. In addition, if your personal information is on the membership directory, you might be contacted by other SCAJ members. If you do not want posting of your information on it or email service and inform us about it, we will terminate it.

Disclosure of Personal Information

SCAJ does not disclose your personal information to outside parties except for our business partners. However, if laws and public institutions such as Courts and the police require us to disclose it, we might give it to them without your agreement.

Updates and Deletion of Personal Information

SCAJ will disclose, update and delete your personal information we obtain, if you ask us to do so or you withdraw or are suspended from SCAJ membership.

We will update the mentioned above appropriately.